Equipment for the Commercial Oil & Gas and Military Diving Industries
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Offers Sonars/ROV Sensors, Seabed Classification, Communications, Video Systems
Sonars/ROV Sensors
Our family of mechanical sector scanning sonars ranges from the miniature Mercury, designed for use on the smallest of ROV's to the 6000m rated Titan, the deep ocean sonar, for operation on ROV's or manned submersibles.

Mercury has been added to the range recently as have the Titan sonar and Minerva SCU, the new Sonar Controller.

All our sonars incorporate 1:3 composite transducers which produce clearer and more detailed images due to wider bandwidth and better transducer efficiency.

The sonars communicate by RS232 or RS485 and team up with a PC, laptop or Minerva SCU with Sonavision Software. This software is available from this web site without user licence or key. Reporting is made simple for the user with easy to use functions allowing images to be annotated and stored to disk.

The Centaur Bathymetric System and Echo Altimeter System are the lastest products introduced to compliment the sonar range.

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Seabed Classification
RoxAnn GD is a remote sensing hydro-acoustic sensor providing seabed classification data to produce seabed bottom type maps.

RoxAnn GD uses a patented technique to extract data on bottom roughness and hardness from the first and second echosounder returns from the seabed. It interfaces with a Global Position System (GPS) and PC enabling real-time seabed classification and mapping of geological and biological features using RoxMap Software.

This system has been in use for over a decade in a wide variety of applications and has a number of benefits to the user including being easy to use.

There are several systems in the range including: the RoxAnn GD-X, RoxAnn GD-Z Stereo, RoxAnn GD-A , RoxAnn GD-S and RoxAnn GD for the Commercial Fishing industry.

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Sonavision have produced Through-Water Voice communications for over 20 years for applications such as Saturation Diving, Tourist Submarine and Rescue Submarine. The system can be used either as a normal communications channel or as an emergency system in the event that the normal cabled communications link is broken.

The standard communication system Subcom 2000 is used in saturation diving systems, but this system is backed by a further range using lower frequencies for greater range and dual frequencies for multi-channel communication.

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Video Systems
Sonavision design, produce and supply a range of underwater video cameras, lamps and video accessories.

The new range of Hawkeye cameras are used in the diving and ROV industries.

The Borehole Camera, which is used to inspect boreholes and vertical structures like caissons, is used in the oil and gas and water supply industies.

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